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Updated Guild News
06/26/2012 11:11 AM by Thaela.

Our main Raid Group is 4/8 Heroic and making progress on our 5th, even with roster changes of losing our top DPS legendary rogue and now one of the hunters who will be gone for a month, but their replacements are stepping up to the challenge quite nicely.

Raid Group 2 is 1/8 Heroic and working on Ultraxion. Should have him down soon. Since the same hunter who is out in Group 1 is a healer for Group 2, we are making some roster adjustments to cover that spot. We have been successfully 1 tanking and 2 healing most fights, which makes them go a lot faster with the added DPS.

We have begun to organize a 25man raid group (led by Del) to run DS on Tuesdays at 9pm. Last week we had to pug a lot of people, which can make it challenging. So if anyone has a toon they want to get into the group, make sure to sign up on the calendar.

We are close to getting the guild achievement for flask-making, so anyone with an alchemist, now's the time to brew up some flasks. If you don't have an alchemist, you can help contribute to this achievement by herbing and depositing herbs in the guild bank.

Speaking of the guild bank, Imac our newest officer and auction house/economy guru, has been completely re-vamping the pages and reorganizing everything. The Officer tab is now out of the way at the bottom 8th tab, and you will find completely stocked herbs, leather, ore and bars, cloth, enchanting mats and more.

We've had a lot of new recruits into the guild, and getting more into the PvP scene. There have been a few RBG's going on, and a lot more active arena teams.

New recruits, remember to let an officer know when you hit Honored rep with the guild so you can be promoted to Member rank and be able to use perks such as guild repairs. And register here on the website and Facebook page where we can hang out, post screenshots, and get to know each other better =)


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